Happy 2011! It’s a sausage party already…

A new year and a new blog to try to capture all the adventures in food that I experience in my daily life.  Teaming up with me to write posts is the curry-addict Chris Kohler.  For his reviews on Japanese Curry, check out www.americurry.com.  I promise he will write about more than just curry here though!

We are starting the new year off with a bang… well, a form of bangers, that is.  My mom has a great recipe for sweet Chinese sausage, and I’ve never had anything quite like it anywhere else.  She had been marinating roughly 5lbs of pork butt since Wednesday.  Today was the day to stuff the sausages, and I got to attempt each of the steps under the tutelage of my skilled mother.  She showed me how to thoroughly rinse the casings (since they are packed in salt), and then how to thread the casings properly onto the sausage stuffer.  I was pretty clumsy at first, but soon I got the hang of it.  My mom stuffed the sausage and I learned how to twist them, tie them and poke tiny holes with a pin to let out the extra air.  She doesn’t stuff them too full so that they can cook through.

Twisting and poking the sausage

Twisting and poking the sausage

After they were all stuffed, my mom took them out to our garage to hang and let them dry – it takes about two days before they are ready, so by the time I head back to the west coast I will be able to bring some of my hard work back with me.

Drying Sausage

Drying the Sausages

My dad has offered to get me the attachments I need to do this myself as a late Christmas/Birthday present, so I suspect we will have some additional posts about sausages in the near future.

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